As we all know, air is essential to life. Clean, fresh air is essential for that life to be healthy and comfortable. That means we need adequate ventilation to live comfortably and work efficiently in any indoor environment. “Clean air,” is important because smoke and fumes are detrimental to health and unpleasant smells create discomfort. That’s why efficient air extraction systems are so important in many workplaces. We all function much better in a clean, fresh atmosphere so if the natural ventilation in our workplace is not sufficient it needs to be augmented by mechanical ventilation, often combined with extraction systems.


Blueshore Southern ventilation engineers have the knowledge and expertise to install exactly the right ventilation and/or extraction system for every kind of premises. We will carry out improvements to an existing system or design and build a complete new system tailored to your particular needs.


Service & Maintenance

Nothing goes on working efficiently forever; especially if it’s not looked after properly. Ventilation and extraction systems are no exception. On-going maintenance is crucial. Blueshore Southern will provide the Planned Preventative Maintenance your system needs or an ‘as and when required,” service if preferred. We tailor all our services to suit individual customer’s requirements.