Servicing & Maintenance

Air Conditioning, together with Heating and Ventilation has always been at the heart of Blueshore Southern’s business. Installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems is where we started. Who better then to provide the quality of servicing and maintenance your a/c system relies on to operate at peak efficiency? Expert maintenance of all air conditioning systems is the key to avoiding, not only breakdowns, but such catastrophes as outbreaks of potentially fatal infections. Blueshore Southern engineers are fully qualified and have the knowledge and experience which is so essential to enable you and your work-force to be assured of a comfortable and above all, safe, working environment. You can confidently leave to us the maintenance of all types of system from the smallest ‘Split Type’ systems to the largest and most complex Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems.


Installation of New and Replacement Equipment

Blueshore Southern carries out new or replacement air conditioning installations of all descriptions, as well as maintaining existing systems. We make sure the system we provide is exactly the right installation for your situation by tailoring it to your specific needs. We know how important it is to our customers that normal work continues with the minimum of disruption. Our workforce is well accustomed to avoiding interference with the work patterns of your workforce.